offers a high heat ceramic coating that is capable of withstanding temperatures of 1300° F in Chromex andover 2000° F in Satin. In addition, it has very good chemical & corrosion resistance and possesses excellent thermal barrier characteristics, providing a dramatic reduction in radiated heat. This means reduced under-hood temperatures, accelerated exhaust gas velocity and a longer life expectancy for the entire exhaust system.

Unlike header wraps, ceramic coatings do not hold potentially damaging heat & moisture around the part. Rather, the surface temperatures are actually reduced, extending the life of the part. When cured, a very effective corrosion inhibiting film is formed that protects the part against oxidation and imparts excellent chemical resistance that further extends part life and enhances appearance.

Ceramics stand above all other thermal barrier coatings currently being used in combustion chambers. Ceramics have characteristics shared by no other product, providing an unrivaled layer of thermal protection to piston tops, aluminum heads, stainless, iconel and titanium valves. Ceramics "move" heat, reducing detonation and increasing the effective oxidation of fuel. When polished, it provides a highly reflective surface that further aids in improved flame travel. Unlike previous ceramic coatings, ours is not subject to cracking and flaking, which can lead to extensive engine damage. In fact, Ceramic coatings actually strengthen the coated part. The cured "Cermet" provides a cap of material that can withstand far more heat. During testing when sufficient heat was applied to a piston to melt the aluminum, the Ceramic did not melt, rather it held the softer aluminum together.

ChromexCeramic Exhaust Coating is the most popular kind of coating on the market today. This type of coating (metallic ceramic) is used by more companies and manufacturers than any other material. It is extremely popular on exhaust systems, where the high luster finish provides a very attractive, durable surface. The high temperature characteristics of ceramics have been combined with metallic frits to create a coating that can withstand metal temperatures in excess of 1300° F and provides 5000 hr. salt spray protection.

A truly unique coating that is based on a water/solvent system, it may be applied to a variety of surfaces and metals  such as exhaust system components, brackets, valve covers, hinges, grills, suspension parts or any metal part that can withstand the 500° F cure temperatures. It polishes to a high luster, stainless/chrome appearance that will not rust, and is especially effective as a hard protective coating for aluminum parts.

Satin Ceramic Exhaust Coatings are the most advanced exhaust system coatings available. They are a very durable ceramic-reinforced coating available in various shades. When properly applied, it becomes the most effective thermal barrier coating available, increasing performance while extending component life, and has been tested to over 2000° F without lifting, cracking or flaking.

Our Thermal Dispersant Coating (TDC) creates a chemical and corrosion resistant film that increases the ability of a coated part to radiate heat. TDC provides for more even distribution of heat over the coated surface and moves it rapidly away. TDC is blended with lubricating agents which aid in keeping a coated part clean. Dirt and debris cannot get a good grip and become easier to clean off. The appearance of coated parts depends on the surface texture, the coating will show a semi gloss appearance on machined surfaces and a satin appearance on rough textures. Both finishes are very eye appealing.

Our Dry-Film Lubricant is a moly-based lubricant capable of providing lubrication at levels as high as 350,000 psi. The lubrication aids in preventing scuffing and galling, increasing part life. It also reduces friction, freeing more useable power. This lubricant provides extra protection by preventing damage from oil film failure. Dry-Film Coating is actually impregnated into the metal surface so no dimensional changes are realized. In addition to lubrication, Dry Film Lubricants also help distribute heat so less metal fatigue is caused reducing the chance of part failure.


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